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Its actually been weeks, not long at all.


To me I havent blogged in quite a while, but now that im here and looking i notice that its only been a few weeks! Feels like forever.. I guess thats how it feels when you have a lot of things going on at the sametime. Ive been blessed in many ways in the last few weeks but also still going through some personal challanges like everyone. Getting time to spend with family and friends has been great as its been so long since ive had the oppertunity to. 


But moving onto pro wrestling. I pretty much took the month of June off, much needed time to myself. But starting next month, ill head back to the combat zone, CZW to take on Blk Jeez, for more info check out Combat Zone Wrestling - Like Nothing Else!


Later on ill head back to Houston Texas for Booker T's promotion ROW for its first ever live IPPV, which you can find out more info here www.realityofwrestling.com! .

The rest of the year is looking quite interesting as UK and European dates have been confirmed. A debute for Beyond wrestling live events are in the works as well.