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Dat Gresham, he's a "NO SHOW"


 Im not too good with words to be honest, im socially awkward unless ive known you for a while. And needless to say im very passionate about what I do,hints why im making this blog post. Like many of my fellow wrestlers, this business is in fact my life. I spent 8 years dreaming and preparing myself to be a wrestler. Then I went on to train and get life experiences where ever I could for the last 10 years. Im a pretty private person and a lot of the time naive. I say naive because I always believed if you just stayed honest,humble and played by the rules things would work out. And for the most part it has I guess.But in the last few months ive been labeled in some circles as being a 'no show"  now im probably more bothered by this than I should be but as reputation is very important in this business I'll address the situation. I'm actually shocked I feel the need to blog about this, but hey! Here goes. Im gonna assume this started due to a missed event in Ohio. Notice I said missed, not "no showed''. For the people directly involved, I believe I have spoken to you one on one. This is for the others that seem to need the facts as you've fabricated the events due to ignorance.  


 For the "no show" being spoken about in Ohio, the event took place in February of this year.  A younger wrestler that I take on the road with me to many events hours away from Atlanta couldn't help me to the Ohio event, due the the weather(snow storm) that many wrestlers got stuck in that weekend . My personal car couldn't have made that drive. Which now its actually out of commission and I'm without my own transportation at the moment, otherwise I would have drove myself. So I made sure I contacted the promoter in Ohio and told him I couldn't make it, he seemed to be understanding. But maybe that was bad business on my end, Im unsure, but what could I do. I did what I felt I should do. Now moving on. Fast forward a few months to May.


The reason I missed the CZW event In Nj is my girlfriend and I actually broke down the day before the show and hours away from NJ as we were moving up to PA. It was too late for anyone to fix the car so we had to wait till morning( the day of the event) they started at 8am on the car, and finished around noon or 1pm. We also had to get a tow truck to tow us to a mechanic and find room and board then pay for the parts and labor. Which turned out to be a bit over 500$ for that day. So in the end It wasn't a choice that I made to not be at the shows. I didn't just wake up and say, "ya know i'm just not gonna go into work today'. Shit happens ya know.