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No need to fear, Gresh is here. Pretty catchy, I know.


Like always with my blog, I forget to update it... Well i'm here now to do it ^_^.

Since I last blogged, Ive traveled literally up and down the North east several times, down to Texas and back many times as well. A busy Gresham ive been. Normally when driving ive been rolling with a bud of mine and new ROH roster wrestler, Moose. Always fun packing into the Hybrid car for a good old road trip. Also since my last blog ive acquired a taste for electronic music. Im pretty sure I get on my road buddies nerves when its time for me to drive, sorry bros....na, not really.

Moose, looking very proud of his bag packing skills..


But I guess I should start talking about "wrestling stuff" now. I mean if you're here your more than likely a fan of mine or either just wrestling in general. So ill get started! 

I don't pay much attention to what's going on in the wrestling world when it comes to social media and stuff like that. I KNOW, that sounds stupid, but its true! And im working on becoming more connected in that area. I mention that because in browsing I came across a Video of a wrestler ive wrestled just a few times, and have loads of respect for. I believe its his documentary maybe, but from the bit I saw I enjoyed it and would like to watch the entire thing. He comes off very genuine and honest. I haven't thought otherwise whenever speaking to him. The Johnny Gargano Wrestling Documentary Clip - YouTube  check it out!  Just something to mention here, Ive decided to change up my look a bit. In ring attire I mean, I was suppose to receive it earlier this month but that didn't happen haha.. Should be getting it here soon. Random I know.. But getting on to up coming dates, Ive confirmed tour dates in Scotland, England, France and Germany towards the end of the year. Very excited to be returning to France, as ill be seeing friends I haven't seen in years ^_^ also gives me the chance to brush up on my French. 

Today is One of those days where I can't sleep at 2am and everything seems to start making more sense. A buddy of mine always told me no matter what, I'd always be a wrestler.No matter how much I try and find something else to do with myself, its becoming clear to me he was right.Even after I failed to gain roster status with my goal company. I can't seem to shake this sport. Its apart of me I guess. 

 For so long I took pro wrestling so serious. And I forgot to have fun with it. Lots of people would imagine I'm having fun, traveling and seeing sights.. Truth is I'm a HUGE worry bug. And normally I'm from plane to hotel to buds place to show and then wrestle and repeat. Not many sights seen. Unless you call Wolverhampton city center sights to see haha.. I haven't had fun in such a long time. And truthfully I'm out of ideas of what to do next when it comes to wrestling. Just keep moving forward is all I got. Next stop CZW!


I will post another blog about my UK/ Euro dates. But as for state side, Its me returning to the combat zone then a week later possibly making my Beyond wrestling debut VS Timothy Thatcher. I say possibly bucause beyond has a vote system going on, where you the fans can choose what matches go on the #BONES event or the Beyond secret show. What ya waiting for... GO VOTE! 



Ah, anyway. I dont know what else to talk about. Ima try and sleep now, a few more hours before I fly out to Texas! ^_^