My name is Jon, I am a professional / wrestler.

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Jonathan Gresham


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I'm back. 


since August, a lot of things have happened. I travel back to Europe, had matches in England, Germany, France and Scotland. I took part in the second world triangle League. And since then Ive  returned to Atlanta Georgia, my hometown. Next step for me is  going back to combat zone wrestling for it's  biggest show of the year, Cage of Death. On December 13th I along with 5 other guys will step in the ring to decide who will be the first entry into next years best of the best Tournament.  at the moment I don't have much to talk about but I have to get myself back in the groove of blogging again now that I have a new device to actually keep things up with I'll be blogging a lot more. So if you want to keep up with me here's where you can do it.