My name is Jon, I am a professional wrestler, movie buff,food lover and pro traveler.

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My view right now


I now have a phone that will allow me to blog whenever I want. Lets see if this will help me keep on top of things here. Anyway, at this very moment im in queens new york. Waiting to have my first match for evolve wrestling. Before todays show, is another event called FTW. This show had a match that featured AR Fox. I don't get to watch him live now, i havent been on the same events with him except for the last beyond event where we wrestled each other. But to the point i just think his in ring work is simply amazing. And like always, its good to see guys i came up with.  Today is a extremely rare day as ill be on the same event as 2 other wwa4 students, in Peter Kaasa and Matt Cage. That is my view right now.