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"I didn't make it to town" On so many levels. 


Totally should be pissed off right now. But im not, funny how things happen so fast. Life is so unpredictable. Ever been in a situation friends and family told ya you shouldn't be in, but you went on anyway having hope they were wrong? Well that was me for most of this year haha. Totally don't know why I just told ya that.... 

Well "ANYWAY" in recent weeks, Ive been fighting food cravings and buffet hangout with friends. All because im wanting to be in top shape for this tryout coming up in May. 

But getting on topic of this weekend. Sunday, April 13. I was to appear on a IWA-MS card in Clarksville Indiana. If you didn't know, I didn't make it to the show(as some friends might say, I didn't make it to town). This is why. 


I was to be greyhound up to Louisville Kentucky, and picked up and taken to the event around ahhhh 3pm. Problems with the bus driver stopped that from happening. Okay before I tell you this simi embarrassing story of what happened to me. Note the driver is sick, and has motion sickness O_o... I know right Im thinking the same thing... WHY THE FUCK IS THIS LADY DRIVING A >>!!!BUS!!!<< KNOWING SHE HAS MOTION SICKNESS????

Anyway, it happened. So this is what happened to me on the bus... Enjoy my pain.


Where I spent most of the day sunday morning, :/


So Sunday April 13th, I leave Atlanta ga, around 5am. A sleepy Gresham, falls fast asleep on the bus to Nashville tn. The deal is a few hours later i was to arrive at the greyhound station, and have a 1 hour layover(In nashville). And then catch the next bus into Louisville Kentucky around 10 to 10 30 am. Well mid way through my travel to Nashville, I wake up to a stationary bus. Everyone already restless and being annoyed by each other's stories of what they are going to be late for. So i decide, instead of asking one of my annoyed bus mates. I'm going straight to the source, the not so popular greyhound bus driver. As I walk towards the front of the bus I notice most of, if not all of the front seats are empty. Then I think to myself maybe it's because of the horrendous smell up here. I finally make it to the drivers chair, and see a hunched over 50 something clearly heavy smoker female bus driver. So I ask her, "excuse me ma'am, I was sleeping. And missed what has happened, why have we stopped"? And she says I am sick, I started throwing up everywhere and had to stop. Then she looks down, which makes me look down as well, and at that second I notice all of her sick. And to no surprise, Im freaking standing all in it. So, I right away say "DAMN" and proceed to slip and take a hip bump in her light brown sick. This is how my Sunday morning started off.


                                             THE END