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I'm bored as F $#K


Im sitting in a locker room of a wrestling event in west Georgia, a event that Trish is on. She booked it long ago and I came along for the ride. It didn't occur to me I'd be sitting around doing fuck all for the next 4 hours, eh. Tonight she will be wrestling against a buddy of ours Devin Nicole.  who attended the same training school i did,WWA4. Anyway,  as I sit here listening to some lynard skynard i think of when I first started real events like this. The tunnel vision I had, my God. Good thing I was working with guys from my school. We knew each other quite well and always did our best and pushed each other.  I mean we'd go all out as some would say. I'm typing this and looking back for typos, Im noticing I sound really old. Like I'm 40 maybe, remembering the good old days haha. I'm really looking forward to watching Grace vs Nicole tonight. It's not often in get to simply watch live events with no pressure.  I'll enjoy it while I can as I'll be headed to NJ for CZW'S cage of death event next week. I am not looking forward to that drive at all.But in closing,  something worth mentioning Is a match that should have taken place sometime ago, but is happening later on this month. Myself vs Airik cannon in St louis. It a pretty loaded card with names from all over. Anyway thanks for stopping by.