My name is Jon. I am a professional wrestler, cat dad, and gamer. 

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Checking in 2017


After being announaced as part of the ROH roster, something i've been working towards pretty much my entire career. I had decided to move back home to Atlanta GA. Our lease was up in June. But ive grown quite fond of York Pa, and enjoy living here, so we decided to stay. Myabe one day soon ill make the move home. I said all of that because staying here in York opens a lot of doors for a project I have had in mind since I can remember. 

in June of 2017 I decided to act on this long time project and bring it to life. I called it "back to basics". I feel in a lot of cases, the basics aren't focused on enough. And in some cases not used at all. 

I ran my first camp in York Pa, at the SWO training school. I had about 10 guys sign up for the camp. It was 2 days of trainig and questions. On the last day we did matches, which I took part in. The 2 guys that were picked out of the bunch were given a match on the October Beyond wrestling event.  One of the biggest stages here in the north east. I designed these camps to help young or established wrestlers make it to that next stage. I believe surrounding youself with people that have more experiance and a better understanding of the business in return makes you a better wrestler. That is what helped/helps me. I would like to help others have the same experiances through these camps. 

My next camp is in Maine. On October 6th,7th, and 8th. The coaches will be myself, Dr. Tom Prichard, and Tommy Dreamer. I am nervous and excited at the sametime as I love doing seminars. I almost always pick up something new. The last two that left a huge impression on me was a Fit Finally and a Mike Quackenbush seminar. So Dr. Tom and Dreamer will be a exciting one im sure. 


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